SUSTAINABILITY, ETHICAL & SOCIAL aims to offer sustainability, ethical and social choice because we love the world we live in and care about the future. We strive to discover sustainable fabrics and materials and constantly analyse the supply chain for its environmental impact.  Our shirts and tee-shirts are 100% organic cotton so that there are no artificial pesticides nor chemical dyes nor chemical whiteners nor man-made  fertilisers, thereby protecting the ecosystem and the land that farmers work in.  It is better for our planet because the process uses less energy and releases fewer greenhouse gases. Additional benefits to the environment are improved soil quality with reduced water consumption and the reduction of soil erosion. By not using chemicals and pesticides, it helps ‘climate change’. This creates a safer working environment for farmers and manufacturers, not just for the present but also for the future. A distinct benefit for our customers is that pure organic cotton has longer fibres, so it feels softer and is more durable than non-organic cotton. 

Consequently, A wants you to feel, a valued and important customer, knowing we strive not just for luxury but sustainability too.  This includes our sustainable packaging with compostible paper and minimal and re-usable packaging.  Therefore, we offer a gift packaging only when you require it. Even our gift packaging is sustainable because it is either compostible or recylable. We significantly minimise our carbon footprint by being an online-only designer boutique. We also reduce waste by offering ‘Pre-order’, so that we create minimum stock levels. As is  a luxurious brand and not ‘fast fashion’, the stylish clothes are meant to be worn and enjoyed again instead of land-fill. We also encourage recycling, re-sell and swapping to retain the garment’s use for ‘circular’ style.   To help you choose your stylish garments, please refer to our easy to understand sustainability logos, which are found next to our clothes and accessories. 

Our latest addition is an alternative to real leather is ‘non-leather’ and accompanies our ‘vegan-leather’. It is more sustainable than leather because animals are not used for the leather. Instead of using animal skins, the pineapple leaves which are a left-over waste are used. This offers the Pineapple farmers  an additional income stream. By refraining from burning the left-over pineapple leaves from the pineapple fruit harvest,  co2 emissions are greatly reduced. Currently, we are lauching a new design made from this pineapple based non-leather. 



At aDesignerBrand, our values and our endless passion for design, shape our brand.  Our  artistic expressions, ‘care for customers’ ethos and our ‘love for sustainability’ are visible, in both our culture and all the glorious collections. We aim to create outstanding design for all, to cherish and love.  Our values underpin everything we do and our decisions are guided by them. Our values include;

Customer, Design, Sustainability, Honesty and Colleagues.