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aDesignerBrand.com is a fresh and luxurious brand in the United Kingdom. We want you to ‘Feel The Luxury’ so we use the finest fabrics and materials to sculpt stylish looks for finess and a sumptious feel.  For a quick introduction, feel free to see our YouTube video

As a true digital fashion boutique, aDesignerBrand.com and has a luxurious, omni-channel offering. As a customer of aDesignerBrand.com we value your feelings and want you to feel the  magnificent fabrics and revel in the splendour of the designer wear,  jewellery  and beauty, of the highest quality. Above all, we want you to ‘Feel The Luxury’.

The aDesignerBrand.com style is current and clean with crisp lines and cuts. We currently have a capsule collection, which can be pre-ordered in its entirety, so please free contact us. 



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We like to use @aDesignerBrand and #aDesignerBrand tags. 


VIP Lounge 

For a style consultation or to pre-order entire collections, please contact us. We also have a vrtual VIP ‘lounge’. For a gift card or to view the luxurious collection, please peruse and enjoy our VIP lounge.  



Please feel free to sign up for our pre-order and waiting lists.



Please feel free to contact us to ‘book a style consultation‘ or to order a season’s collection. 



aDesignerBrand.com remains conscious of sustainability, as we love the world we live in and care about the future. We strive to discover sustainable fabrics and materials and constantly analyse the supply chain for its environmental impact. 

Consequently, A DesignerBrand.com wants you to feel, a valued and important customer, knowing we strive not just for luxury but sustainability too. 



At aDesignerBrand, our values and our endless passion for design, shapes our brand.  Our  artistic expressions, care for customers and sustainability and are visible in both our culture and all the glorious pieces for all, to cherish and love.  Our values underpin everything we do and our decisions are guided by them. Our values include

Customer, Design, Sustainability, Honesty and Colleagues. 

We also have a love of culture, the arts and sports. 



If you have upcoming nuptuals, then congratulations! We have a new wedding list your guests can ‘sign up’ and purchase your gifts. 



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